Dr. Michelle Maidenberg

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It may be negatively impacting your behaviors toward yourself and others.

Key points

  • Research on self-fulfilling prophecies such as the Pygmalion and placebo effects finds that beliefs and expectations can be influential.
  • To avoid being negatively influenced by our beliefs and expectations, we need to…

Parenting with insight and awareness and honoring your feelings.

Key points

  • Having insight and self-awareness as parents minimizes re-traumatization, shame, and repeating maladaptive patterns of behavior.
  • Identifying and working through when thoughts and feelings are driving our reactions can facilitate a closer and more connected relationship.
Source: Misha Voguel/Pexels

Help to foster valuable lessons amid devastating tragedy.

Key points

  • Parents can help their child process information and emotions but they should gauge where their child is at and whether they are willing to talk.
  • Parents can…

5 strategies for building resilience.

Key points

  • Resilience is important for wellness: it can reduce depression and anxiety and increase longevity and immunity.
  • Resilience can be enhanced by focusing on five elements: Control, Opportunity, Purpose, Attitude…

It can improve your relationship for many years to come.

Key points

  • Conducting an exit interview with a child leaving for college is a good way to facilitate open communication and forge an improved relationship.
  • When opening communication with your child…

Who Knew Love Could Hurt This Much?

Source: Duong Huu, Unsplash

It seems so unnatural to end a relationship with someone we feel love toward. We are taught that love should withstand the test of time, until death do us part, and that if you love someone, it is expected that we should make it work somehow, someway. I have seen…

Spot It and Stop It In Your Children.

Key Points

  • Societal factors such as accessibility in schools and communities and how food is marketed to children needs to be examined.
  • The biochemistry of the brain and how…

Move in this direction for self-growth.

Source: Oyla Kobruseva, Pexels

Most of us learn to avoid discomfort of all kinds from a very young age and the evading gets perpetuated as we grow into adulthood. As far back as many of us can remember, when we got hurt, our parents would just kiss our boo-boos to immediately make everything okay…

Enhance your relationships and personal growth.

Source: Disha Sheta, Pexels

This year has undoubtedly had its challenges. For some, they are exacerbated by pandemic-related restrictions and disappointments. Depressive and anxiety symptoms are mounting among children, teens, and adults as our health, safety, and personal freedoms remain threatened and ambiguous, especially now with the increased rates of infection.

I have a…

For the mind that overthinks, worries, catastrophizes, races, and/or ruminates.

Source: Fizkes, Shutterstock

Dear Mind,

While you are a vital organ that helps me in fundamental ways, I realize that I have a divisive relationship with you. …

Dr. Michelle Maidenberg

Michelle P. Maidenberg, Ph.D., MPH, LCSW-R works with children age 8 and above, adolescents, teens, and adults. Michelle is the Co-Founder of “Thru My Eyes”

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